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Good sound improves pictures

> BTW, good sound makes a substantial improvement in the pictures <g>! 
> Rich

Your quote points out an important and underestimated aspect 
of the daily syncing philosophy: <<the image you see depends on 
whether or not you listen to it>>.

Can we quote you in a forthcoming vm-lowdown we are preparing
for the TIG?  This lowdown will describe the many methods available 
for syncing video dailies.  We will advocate (big surprise...)
on-the-fly syncing during telecine transfer, but will also describe 
alternative methods.

Do the colorists you are working with elect to concentrate on mute images 
or prefer to hear the sound too?
Saying that, by which method are your dailies synched? 
Thank you,

Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com