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RE>HiRes color correction

I agree, it is not possible to work at a high level with a degraded proxy=
 resolution image, in my (humble) opinion.
Whilst this may be fine for edits or simple global grades, the full film =
resolution is required for grain management and area isolation.
What da vinci has shown is Resolve as a concept, to get feedback on how t=
o create the tools we need for this work.
There are some constraints though, the cost of moving such large data is =
high along with storage etc. But, these costs are dropping.
Using DSP hardware for image processing (Atlight speeds GIO card for exam=
ple) is interesting but as yet there is not a commercially available card=
 that can be written to by highlevel (C, C++) programming tools.
The manufacturers will need to build hardware in the short term.
I would love real time interaction with the data and realtime playback fo=
r sure, and it will come.
What we are seeing is the growing pains of new products and their change =
as the performance /cost balance is tipped..
Working at Hi res adds further problems such as monitoring.
To simulate the projected print is a real problem.

food for thought........PG