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Monitor Speakers

Good topic Dave, but very complicated as monitoring audio somewhat correctly is
a great deal more complex than picture monitoring. Today, with various surround
schemes around it becomes even more complex as one system puts on room acoustic
demands that not necessarily are supported by normal stereo listening
requirements. Fortunately this can to some extent be solved by room equalisation

One thing is for sure (already pointed out in a reply to this enquiry) good
neutral uncoloured sound
truly enhances the image. This ought to be an important consideration when your
clients are present. Keep in mind that a good audio installation will speak the
truth for you, it might even offer a hint on how to grade the image. 

Personally I am for amplified speakers, no cable losses - sufficient power,
normally better reliability and better matching of amp-speaker. Genelecs are
fine. I have had some good results with swedish manufacturer AudioPro as with
JBL's, Altec Lansing. The latter beeing unamplified but regarded as references
in the musical recording world. Westlake are of course an institution in
themselves. Stay away from popular high end consumer speakers, they will lie to
you. Tannoys are not my preference but prefferred by others. 
Get a set of Auratones alternately switchable to hear how it sounds in consumer

Room acoustics is the number one influencing factor on outcome. Its a science in
itself so I cant go into that here. If you do not get this right an investment
in hardware can be a complete waste.  

Once you are done with the room have it swept with pink noise and equalised.
Then lock up the equaliser, throw away the key. Be prepared to make some minor
room alterations. 

This is the fast and easy method 

Good luck

Mike Reichel