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Re:frame stores

Craig Nichols wrote:
>They also make
>something called a Pocket Store that works with their Framestore cards that
>work in a PC.  Perhaps someone knows more? 

Pixal Power makes a suite of low cost tools of which the Pocket Paint and
Pocket CG is included.

The associated framestore card fits into an ISA channel and provies frame
buffering for the above tools.  The Pocket Paint is a rudimentary paint
system that is capable grabbing frames of 8 bit video and can display them
in "polyphoto", but more importantly, it makes an *excellent* "window
creator" for daVincis key input.

The Pocket CG is a pretty okay char gen that is more than suitalbe for

All of the above requires a PC, VGA display and keyboard/mouse combo.

In my opinion, the Accom DIS 422 is still tops as a reference store.
Besides, who cares if it is 10 bit, 4:4:4 if you never print to tape through it?