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Re: CF200/TIG

On Nov 25, 15:38, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: CF200/TIG

> >modifications with specific new technologies that make available years of
> >continued use without the need for costly upgrade of film cleaners..
> >These offer a cost-effective option for those CF200 owners today.
> Brett, I think we all would be interested in hearing about this.  Please post
> some info and pricing...  I don't think it would be considered "advertising"
> but you probably should send a healthy contribution to the TIG when you
> post...

Please Jeff, don't make policy decisions without consulting me.
Posting pricing and product info is absolutely forbidden.  
Advertising in general is not permitted *UNLESS CLEARED WITH ME*.

Reiterated, and at the bottom of every message sent out to the group


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