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Re: Old Video Tape Format

On Nov 25, 13:09, "McCallum, Richard" wrote:
} Subject: Re: Old Video Tape Format

> By the way, does any colorist want a paid vacation in San Francisco?  You 
> bring project, we provide Rank Mark III w/accessories.

Some more clarification:

Please don't advertise on this mailinglist, but if you do slip up and
send something like the above, make sure you're on the contributors
list and have sent at least an annual personal $25 contribution to me.
In the case of a company using this group as any kind of vehicle to
increase profits, then a $100 (or greater) contribution is

As a short explanation to those new to this group: I pay $400 per
month for the internet connection that makes this possible, and I'm
not interested in helping others profit from my own altruism.


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