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Re: CF200/TIG

In a message dated 11/25/96 11:10:49 PM, Rob wrote:

>Please Jeff, don't make policy decisions without consulting me.
>Posting pricing and product info is absolutely forbidden.  
>Advertising in general is not permitted *UNLESS CLEARED WITH ME*.

OK, I was interested in what the guy had to say.  I thought others would be,

I guess I was wrong -- an informational post (with a price) would be
considered an ad.  I think that's silly.

Jeff Kreines

(Note that in the previous fundraising post I was NOT speaking officially for
the TIG and only as a personal recommendation to TIG members.  I do not set
policy here, don't set anything here, just like the place (when the rules
aren't too heavily enforced) and send in money occasionally.  Some
manufacturers and dealers on the web page send in very little money, btw...
 I see why Rob is sensitive to this.  Someone bought a Rank URSA GOLD here
and didn't send a penny to the TIG.  That sucks.  But I can't see that a
little info that would let those of us with CF200s keep using them for a
while is so touchy...  unless Lipsner Smith gave big money to the TIG...  ;-)