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Re: Hi Res Colour

	I've been following this topic with Interest. Before becoming a 'Telecine
Person' I 'cut my teeth' on Graphic display and editing systems in the Graphic
Arts market. In this business, we always had files of many thousands by many
thousands, when displays were just being able to display 1024 x 1024.
	So, in those days we developed many techniques to manipulate images in
multiple resolutions, including 'view' resolution and 'final' resolution. 
	I agree with Paul Grace's comments that it is VITAL to see 'real' pixels
for some processes, rather than just the 'averaged down' files. I believe both
Pandora's offering and Da Vinci's 'Resolve' can do this.
	I can comment authoritively that ANY system that manipulates colour MUST
be able to do this in either Real time or very near real time. In the mid 1980's
I led a research team of perceptual psychologists at a UK University to analyse
the way that colour is perceived, and how colour adjustments are estimated. We
found that NO-ONE could estimate reliably how many 'units' of colour adjustment
were needed to make matches. The ONLY WAY to do it was to give the operator a
knob to turn, and he'll soon know when to stop turning it! 
	In summary, I believe that any system that cannot provide real time
interactive adjustment of colour is fundamentally flawed. Only hardware can
provide this power, and thus I believe that the Pandora solution is going to be
the preferred solution in the marketplace.

Peter Stansfield
Wavecrest Systems Ltd.

P.S. Thanks Rob! the Cheque is in the post!