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Re:444 frame stores

>> there is no still store that is 4:4:4/10-bits, that has the ability to
>>display several smaller frames on the screen at once

Maybe I missed a post, if not I am surprised nobody has mentioned RTDs with
daVinci Dui with VSRs. I believe there are now places using the VSR option for
its still store interface. (I certainly know of installations designed to do

The VSR option when linked to a real time disk recorder auto grabs frames for
each scene, both on the RTD and as thumbnails on the Indy/dui desktop. The
thumbnails can be scrolled and searched in the way that the Accom and others
browse. I have used the interface at shows with Sierra Quickframe, and Miranda
Expresso RTDs, which I believe are 444 10  bit. The shortcoming is that you then
need a 444 switcher to do the full compliment of wipes. Some are using the Ursa
Gold 444 external input, with Ursa/888 wipes timed to allow a full system bypass
for color matching. The Accom 422 has a huge price advantage over such a set up,
but many suites nowadays seem to need much of the extra equipment anyway, and
the Autograb (and delete )mechanism is a joy to work with.

Kevin Shaw