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daVinci leftovers


As a power DUI user, I've noticed that whenever a colorist starts a new
session, a untitled session is started until a name is given to the session
either with file/new or file/save session as. Once the session is named
everything is lovely except for the shell of an untitled session that
remains under the current session. As you can imagine, after a few sessions
a day for a few weeks with a few colorists, these untitled session shells
start to add up quickly, filling up an already overburdened hard drive. 

My question is; What is the best way to start a new session without leaving
the slime of an additional untitled session in your home directory?

If this is something we all need and love in our directories, can a IRIX
#!/usr/bin/pearl shell script be run as root to deal with deleting all
untitled sessions in all colorists directories? 

Anyone with better shell scripting abilities want to take a crack?


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