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Re: HiRes color correction

>>The big problem with [1](low res proxy) , as pointed out by Mr Grace, is that
it is too easy to produce an image that looks OK at low resolution but will
exhibit obvious edges or noise effects when magnified several times

To merely work on low res proxies would indeed be unacceptable. My understanding
of Resolve (and indeed Cineon) is that the user can switch easily between a low
res proxie of the whole image, or a small section of the full res image. Since
the speed of processing is related to the amount of the data, resolution can be
swapped for size. The advantage of this approach is that it can be truly
resolution independent and flexible (think of photoshop and plugins)

>>2] Build a mainly hardware based solution that works quickly enough to do the
job in one go.
--- More like our MegaDEF system.
My (limited ) understanding of the hardware approach is that although the
resolution may be very high, it cannot be truly resolution independent. I would
be grateful if Steve could elaborate on this.