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RE: 444 frame stores

...I am surprised nobody has mentioned RTDs with
daVinci Dui with VSRs. I believe there are now places using the VSR option for
its still store interface. (I certainly know of installations designed to do
this) ...

...the Autograb (and delete )mechanism is a joy to work with.

We constructed 2 Ursa Gold/DUI telecine bays this year, each equipped with a
Sierra Design Labs Quick-Frame DDR (and at times a Miranda Espresso) 
dedicated as the room's only still store utilizing daVinci's VSR. This may have 
been a hasty decision.

After months of daVinci software updates, the Indy-DDR interface finally became
stable. (why not RS422 instead of SCSI or Ethernet?!) Colorist complaints
continued, however. This included comments from our Director of Telecine (we like
titles around here) who happens to be the much esteemed colorist whose salary 
was recently joked about in this forum. (I'm convinced that you get what you pay 

We finally gave in last month and installed a friendly old Accom DIS422 still store
in each telecine bay. You do the math.

As far as I remember, the remaining concerns with the VSR- still store concept
mostly involve daVinci software limitations:
1. The inability to recall stills from sessions other than the current open session.
(daVinci quickly provided a linear browser function in response, but it went unused 
as the stills from other sessions could be scattered around the DDR.)
2. The lack of a multiple-picture browse that could be called up to the main monitor 
and quickly paged through.
3. The inability to easily load still frames on to the DDR from another source (ie. 
VTR) and  have them attached to the session. 
4. The difficulty in using the DDR as one's only still store while also using the 
DDR as the destination of Steadigate pinning work.

Most colorists here believe that the VSR still store system will eventually live up to 
its potential as a better choice than a stand-alone unit such as the DIS422, given 
daVinci's track record of improvements. As an engineer, I think that its advantages 
as an integrated system already make it a better choice, but I don't sit in front of 
clients every day.

PS. Does anyone know what Andy Sacheim, formerly of daVinci, is doing these 

Randy Reck
Chief Telecine Engineer  (here we go, more titles)
Encore Santa Monica