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Re: sandbags and C-stands in frame

bob at bluescreen.com wrote:

> Does anyone know when the last time was that the specs for the camera
> ground glass etching denoting picture safe area (the so-called "pumpkin")
> was updated by SMPTE or anyone other governing body to reflect the newer
> home receiver technology with much smaller overscan?

As far as I know, the safe action area as designated by the SMPTE has
not changed for many years. This is not a film production problem --
"safe action" is a concept adhered to in video post production, and in
almost all cases, framing on film transfers is set so that the transfer
framing is equal to the production framing. Having said that, I do agree
that the concept of "safe action" as defined by the SMPTE probably
deserves some review. It will most certainly be redefined in whatever
new transmission standards are adopted, as it is likely that there will
be no definable "transmission loss" overscan area in a digital
transmission system.

Mike Most