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Comments to Steve B.

We have with interest noted Steve Brett's comments to our DVNR tool-box
integrated with colour correction systems and would like to make the following
comment to broaden the discussion:

We have seen colour corrections suites where the colour corrector is placed
upstreams of image processing tools. There might be system integration reasons
for that, but we believe the optimum signal chain is if the colour corrector is
placed downstreams of e.g. the DVNR Image Processor, mainly for two reasons:

1) The colour corrector will work more optimum on a picture where there is less
noise, scratches/dirt, better image stability etc.. This is especially the case
with complex colour keying as in advanced secondary processing.

2) The problem with the delay introduced between operator colour correction
adjustments of colour correction and resulting changes on the monitor would be

One other interesting subject is the location of the aperture corrector and
legalising of colour space. These processes we believe should be the last ones
in the chain, especially if more advanced detail processing is used as e.g.
colour adaptive aperture correction.


PeO Nilsson
Director of Sales & Marketing, Digital Vision
peo at digitalvision.se
CIS:100316, 1467