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Re: marketing

Rich writes:

))At NY SMPTE meetings try to keep meetings informational without 
having manufacturers cross the line into sales pitches. We draw the line at 
having presentors mention pricing except in the very broadest terms((

I have always felt that this was a pretty silly distinction to draw.  Even
the SMPTE Journal lists prices on new products.  Knowing the price of
something acts as a very useful filter.  For example, I'd order a Spirit
telecine except I know from posts here that it is not in my price range...
 face it, it's false gentility to think that if you are showing or discussing
a product -- something that people will decide to buy or not buy - that price
is not a factor to be considered, or that polite people don't discuss.

Another example -- the Media 100 NL editing system would be cometitive with
Avid because it has better picture quality, even if the software is less
evolved.  But knowing that it costs a lot less than the Avid makes it an
easier decidion to purchase one -- price is a factor that gets as much weight
as several others.

Jeff "the price is always right" Kreines