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OK, I think we all get the picture. While I personally think we are just
beginning to reach critical amusement mass, others might not think so. In
the nature of discussing our craft, just about any comment could be
construed as marketing in one form or another- positive or negative.

I would like to offer a suggestion as to one way of dealing with this.
Except for an outright, bald faced, PR promotion, participants who felt
that a posting crossed the line into "marketing" could privately email the
poster (?) expressing this feeling. If Rob agrees to, he should be copied-
privately. This way list traffic is kept to a minimum and self-policed, and
transgressors would be kept aware. Repeated offenders could be handled
appropriately. As a side idea, and it is just an idea, maybe a PR list
could be set up. Whoever wanted to receive announcements could be
subscribed as a read only participant. In order to have the ability to
post, you would have to pay for the privilege.


>>Only hardware can provide this power, and thus I believe that the Pandora
>>solution is going to be
>>the preferred solution in the marketplace.((

>Uhmm, Rob, is this Marketing?

>>there is no still store that is 4:4:4/10-bits, that has the ability to
>>display several smaller frames
>>on the screen at once (browse or 'gallery' feature), as has the tried and
>>true Accom DIS 422.((

>I think Accom's competitors would consider this marketing...