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Re: marketing

On Nov 28, 17:31, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: marketing

> ))It's not silly, it's marketing, and is not allowed without permission.((
> Rob, so many posts here could be interpreted as marketing, but also as
> factual information or at least useful information.  

Yes, that's very true.

Because this is a grey area, I've always encouraged anyone who is in
doubt as to whether their post is marketing to clear the post through
me.  I currently have 4 of these posts in my mailbox awaiting my
attention, and I probably handle about one per day.

My rule of thumb, which is admittedly less than perfect, is that if
the posting subscriber 'touts' or 'advertises' a product, in a message
that is relatively devoid of operational/technical information, and
particularly if that message mentions price, then it is not allowed.

> John Dowdell's post re the Spirit was interesting, but also had "marketing
> value" to Philips.  Same is true about the Borothene posts, which were

These posts certainly had marketing value, I agree.  Any time we have
manufacturers (and colorists or engineers paid by manufacturers)
posting, we will have some contention on this issue.  However, the
information content of these posts outweighs the marketing aspect, in
my opinion.  Also, sometimes it's really difficult for me to determine
the marketing connections, and I don't have the time.

> about Russell Square.  It even could be true re the posts about your new
> position at POP -- telling us about the balcony and views could be considered
> marketing for POP...  at least under the very narrow interpretation you

I really don't think it's narrow, I feel that I'm simply arbitrating a
difficult issue in the best way I can.  I've always felt that if we
allow unrestricted marketing on this group its level will drop
considerably.  If, however, enough people were to tell me that we
should open the group completely to marketing, then I'll reconsider.

> I think a more sensible approach (and, frankly, I was hurt and insulted by
> your public trashing of me, as were others I received EMail from) would be to

Jeff, I hereby publicly apologize, it wasn't my intention to trash you
in any way, it was only to make a point in as direct a way as
possible, as it seemed my message wasn't getting through.  I was

> When someone
> "Pulls a Reichel" you could send them private Email telling them to pipe
> down.  Of course all actual ads (for sale, work wanted or offered) should be
> filtered through you.

That is what I do.... you should see the number of emails I send out
privately every day tending to just that matter...I responded to your
posts somewhat emphatically, as a point of review.  It was not personal.

> Moderation  of a forum is one thing, but overzealousness can lead to the
> premature death of a good forum.  As a user and supporter of the TIG, I hope
> that in the future you choose to err on the side of looseness.

I'll certainly try to abide by your wishes and as always, value your
participation Jeff.

> That too is wrong.  Perhaps there should
> be suggested donation levels for individuals (perhaps $30-40?) and for
> facilities ($150?) and for companies that sell to telecine users ($300-400?)
> -- this way, you wouldn't be worried about the cash drain of the list, or
> about being exploited by surreptitious marketing.

Well, there are those levels, as $25 for individuals and $100+ for
vendor/manufacturers.  There is also the (prepaid) 'vm_lowdown'
program, which is the 'approved' way for v/m's to post their
marketing, though one requirement is that it must be technical
information first, pricing/availability second.  (and these are
disclaimed with 'Subject: vm_lowdown')

I don't want this 'is it marketing' thing to be too complicated; I
hope we don't come to the point where a colorist or engineer who is
applauding a particular product function has to disclaim it.  Need we
examine motives so closely?  I only want this group's discourse to be
as noise-free as it must, to ensure the continued participation of the
current subscribers.


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