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vm_lowdown: TWiGi

The following is posted in participation with the vm_lowdown program,
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--- Forwarded mail from Stuart Hunt <106011.3366 at compuserve.com>

The full TWiGi system, including burn correction

It has come to our attention that there may have been rumours
circulating about possible patent infringement and we believe this may
be of concern to some in the telecine community. The following is the
text from a joint statement, which should allay any fears potential
customers, distributors or agents may have.

Stuart Hunt, Innovation TK Limited

Innovation TK Limited and Cintel International Limited have co-operated in
a review of patents owned by Cintel International, in the context of the
full TWiGi system, including burn correction, manufactured by Innovation TK

Following this review Cintel International and Innovation TK Limited have
agreed that it is unnecessary to become involved in legal proceedings
relating to patents.  Innovation TK will continue to manufacture and
support the full TWiGi system without risk from patent infringement
proceedings.  URSA and URSA Gold users in any country of the world may use
the full TWiGi system in the knowledge that Cintel International will not
be raising any patent issues.

This statement has been issued on behalf of both companies to give
reassurance to the market place and to enable the full TWiGi system to
establish its deserved reputation and market acceptance.

Jack R. Brittain                                Stuart W.A. Hunt
For Cintel International Limited                For Innovation TK Limited

---end of statement---

We have now installed systems in over half of all the URSA's and URSA
Gold's in London, and several more in other parts of the globe. We are
therefore very pleased with the response to our product so far and
would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who
supported and encouraged us.

--- End of forwarded message from Stuart Hunt <106011.3366 at compuserve.com>

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