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RE>Re: Comments to Steve B.

> We have with interest noted Steve Brett's comments to our DVNR tool-box=

> integrated with colour correction systems and would like to make the=20=

>I have to say that I am interested who runs their NR systems after color=

>correction?  I always use NR before, especially with RSQ, as I then have=

>less noise to contend with when selecting color/luminance/objects.  It
>would be extremeley difficult to start doing the type of work I am doing=

>with any delay at all!

I run the NR after colour correction here at Rushes...this is because

1/ With our blueprinted Ursa Golds , "noise" is not a problem

2/ We use the aperture correction down stream of the colour correction to=
 avoid edge problems when isolating colours. Aperture correction, Sharpen=
ess controls, should occur at the final stage similar to Audio "sweetenin=
g". This way the colour corrector does not have to deal with these added =

In a perfect world, the telecine would have in built film grain concealme=
nt and the colour corrector would have in built aperture and noise reduct=
ion. CRT grain is not really fixed in the NR but the Twiggi kit helps thi=
s a great deal.
The use of NR and Aperture correction are important look based tools and =
really should be an integral to the Pogle/daVinci in my opinion.

Paul Grace - Rushes London