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Camera ground Glass & Scan Sizing (sandbags and C-stands in frame)

Greetings All,

The issue of scan sizes is currently in discussion by the SMPTE Working Group on 
Telecine Practice.

We are attempting to revise the document SMPTE 96M, which defines scan sizes for 
16mm, super 16mm, academy 35mm and 'super' 35mm. The document is about to go out 
for a second ballot, if this is successful it will be published in the journal 
shortly afterward.

This document uses the latest SMPTE/ANSI camera aperature documents as a guide, 
which as far as I know are revised every five years. We have involved the major 
camera manufacturers in our discussions, and are also in communication with 
representatives from the European groups.

If anyone has any further questions you may contact me at paulrc at earthlink.net

Paul Chapman
Chair - SMPTE Working Group on Telecine Practice M21-18