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Proposal: TEIG/TIGER

Hi, Rob:

Apology accepted, thanks!

))Jeff K, would you be interested in moderating (I ask sincerely)?((

Sure, as long as it doesn't have the taint of "PR" attached to it.  I assume
it would go to everyone on the regular list except for those who specifically
request NOT to be on it.  It should have some sort of webpage/FAQ area where
a v/m can upload information re a product or service for all to see, thereby
eliminating continuous and dull reposts.

Perhaps we should name it TEIG -- telecine equipment interest group.  Or,
better, TIGER:  Telecine Interest Group - Equipment Related?  Then the TIG
could be saved for discussions of more "pure" matters, like, uh, bashing
cinematographers. ;-)  We'd run into, uh, gray (I know...)  areas -- say
discussing various color chards like Yuri's -- as they are informational and
marketing, too...

Obviously the two groups would intersect often, so those who chose not to
subscribe to TEIG might miss information that was of interest to them.  So,
in a way, the segregation of the two groups may strike some as silly.  But I
do understand your reasons and will certainly respect them.

As far as fees, I find the v-m oneshot fee a little silly.  I think instead
that manufacturers and vendors should pay a higher annual fee and be free to
post information to the TEIG as they wish.  If people get sick of excessive
posting, they will surely let the manufacturers and vendors know.  And I'd
keep after them, too.  I'd suggest a bare minimum of $300 for small vendors
(like me) and a higher fee for someone who should pay more.  For example,
DaVinci and Cintel are going to derive more income from the members of this
group than, say, Options will.  Most manufacturers spend thousands on ads
that reach a far less targeted group than this one.  (For example, I spend
several thousand dollars a year advertising in In Sync, which is very cheap.)
 I mean, if you sell telecine gear, this is the best place to advertise it!
 I think a manufacturer fee cap could be placed at $1000 per year.  While
that might seem high at first, given the prices of telecine-specific gear,
it's a bargain.  Also, the manufacturer fee would cover the annual dues of
their employees, which for Philips or DaVinci or Cintel would help justify
the high fee.

The manufacturer dues (and there aren't that many manufacturers or vendors
here, really) should raise a few thousand dollars per year.  This money would
pay all of the expenses Rob incurs in running the list, and could pay for
occasional labor in keeping a web page going.  Rob shouldn't have to shoulder
that burden himself.  In fact, with manufacturer support, it might be
possible to make the TIG free to subscribers...  just a thought.  

The fee would entitle manufacturers and vendors to ads and links on the
telecine web page, in a manufacturers ad section.  Classifieds would also be
run through the TEIG/TIGER hierarchy, and if posted the seller would agree to
pay a small percentage of the sale (sliding scale) to the group (ads may need
to be run blind to make sure this works).  (This is in response to a $640,000
URSA being sold here and no donation, even token, being made to the group.
 While 5% ($32,000) would be perhaps excessive, $1000 would've been nice.)

So, does this make sense?  

Let me know...

Jeff "looking for a better acronym than TIGER" Kreines