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Re: marketing

Despite Jeff Kreines (amusing) reference to my earlier attempts in performing my
(at that time obligation to use all tools available) duty as a marketeer on the
web I can not but agree with him that marketing comes in many subtle forms. In
some of my previous cases I admit on laying it on quite heavy at times but would
you not agree that I also had to take the blows? After all, was the information
not valuable in the sense that the brand got itself established and still is
percieved as decent machinery? After all it is actually possible to have an
opinion of ones own based on experience and skills and be part of a sales
organisation. I mean look at Cintel, firmly a believer in flying spots and then
look at Philips/BTS with an equally firm belief in CCD's - do we take them less
seriously just beacuse they try to convince us? 

If I may offer a free interpretation of  Frederick E Webster in "Industrial
marketing strategy" - the process of marketing and sales (in the
business-to-business sector) is mostly  informational and relational. Of course
it is,  we all now that but it is also an academically established fact. As such
it implies that without a provider there would be no marketplace as there would
be noone without a receiver either - we meet on a place called the market, we
exchange information that builds relations that exchanges product for payment.
This does not imply that we can go about in an uncivilized manner. Rob has
started this forum and he wants it to be tidy and civilized and not use it for
too obvious commercial reasons. At the same time the forum is extremely
effective in providing information of all kinds about the marketplace in which
we are all a part of.

There is a naturally available moderating factor here. All to often it  is
understressed that most of us are enthusiasts trying to do our best job  -  it
is the variance of our skills and experiences that make the forum come alive
while at the same time keeping the levels of salespitches to an almost
acceptable level.  Could we not handle a walkover now or then?

Why  would we go to a tradeshow? I see it as a heck of a place for information
while it at the very same time is commercialism in its finest. Hence, the zone
between selling and information is subtle at best. It is what we carry with us
that makes the intepretation. Someone having had a bad week  by a series of no
good promises or no-show support by a supplier may become agitated by too much
hardcore while a relative newcommer may find the information interesting. The
forum does not allow information to be tailored for each individuals needs. By
maintaining a resonably general standard on the forum, the eager marketeer by
need of beeing recieved seriously, will follow suit.

What I think Rob is trying to do is to purify the information as to avoid
unqualified replies containing useless salespitches that may cause valuable
contributors to walk away thus lowering the quality of the forum. 

Make no mistake, this forum and its wonderful range of topics is monitored by
not only those registered on the mailing list but by a great deal more.

By the way Jeff, I worked for Digital Vision -not Colourvision, but you know
that dont you :-)

Mike Reichel