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Re: Marketing

Hello to all.
It seems that I may have to apologize to all for causing so much discussion
concerning the sharing of product information and technical know-how.
I guess the, RE: marketing comments reflect upon a growing stage of the
The point I would like to make is this.
My interest was to promote technical knowledge (in regards to the CF200
question) the particular modification for this was more a "home-grown"
 variety utilizing both in-house manufactured parts and several "store"
bought components. It is definetly not a "kit" to buy, from me or another,
but a technique that would provide technical assistance for a products longer
I believe that this is the type of information that should be available to
all users. New products will be high-lighted, reviewed, tested, by many
different individuals and facilities, technical knowledge should be shared
without worring if it could be construed as marketing or not. Censorship in
any form could do more damage to the group than any disguised marketing ploy.
I want to also say that in my case, I have provided funds to the group to
show my support for the arena, and high-light products second. I can not help
that my profession is the introduction of technical products and know-how to
a niche industry. Yes this is a great forum to have the "eyes" and "ears" of
the telecine community, that comes with the territory, however to keep any
type of technique or new product that could be a benefit to the group because
it may be worded or attached to a possible "sale" is also not to the group's
best interest.
Thank you for reviewing these thoughts.
Brett Sawyer
BRETTSAW at aol.com
(312) 409-5601 (213) 673-3926