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Re: marketing

At 10:39 PM -0800 12/1/96, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
     On Nov 28, 17:31, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
     } Subject: Re: marketing
     > ))It's not silly, it's marketing, and is not allowed without permission.((
     > Rob, so many posts here could be interpreted as marketing, but also as
     > factual information or at least useful information.  
     Yes, that's very true.
     Because this is a grey area, I've always encouraged anyone who is in
     doubt as to whether their post is marketing to clear the post through
     me.  I currently have 4 of these posts in my mailbox awaiting my
     attention, and I probably handle about one per day.
     My rule of thumb, which is admittedly less than perfect, is that if
     the posting subscriber 'touts' or 'advertises' a product, in a message
     that is relatively devoid of operational/technical information, and
     particularly if that message mentions price, then it is not allowed.

How about the inverse where one wishes to discover the approximate
quantity and usage of each type of equipment that is out there, who
operates it, what their respective problems and pains and goals are,
what would improve their quality of life, their ability to compete and
where the market is going?  (8:4:4, 8:8:8, RS-422 LUT uploads in real time,

I want to hear that information;  and if that information justifies a
believable busines plan I may choose to get into the business of solving
that pain.   If I choose to do so then maybe my ability (or lack therof)
to discuss real product plans on this mailing list may or may not be
throttled by the discussion at hand.   But only after we establish a
baseline for what's important to the market, i.e. the people on this list.

I would expect a far more interesting topic to be NOT near term product
plans or pricing but "Where Do We Need To Go From Here"?

It is a benefit to  TIG-et-al to be able air all of the above information so
as to improve everyone's competitive stance.  It is something the
manufacturers should pay attention to.  Since my initial queries, which
were followed up by telephone calls and deirect Email, I have received
ZERO follow up.   Why the silence?