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Re: Marketing (proposal I)

On Dec 2, 19:44, BRETTSAW at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: Marketing

> I guess the, RE: marketing comments reflect upon a growing stage of the
> user-group.


> I believe that this is the type of information that should be available to
> all users. New products will be high-lighted, reviewed, tested, by many
> without worring if it could be construed as marketing or not. Censorship in
> any form could do more damage to the group than any disguised marketing ploy.

A little history: when we started this mailinglist, it was clear very
quickly that we needed to hear about new products, and the
manufacturers were starting to become subscribers. 'One-time product
announcements' were allowed.  As the group grew larger, the product
announcement allowance threatened to overwhelm the exchange of
information, especially just before the major trade shows.  At this
point the policy became what it remains today, that product
information in itself is OK, unless it is obvious marketing.
****But*** there is and always has been the simple mechanism of
clearing your (possibly-construed-as-marketing) post through me-- and
that is what I have repeated a few times here, that I will gladly
forward your 'marketing oriented' post to the group 1) if it is
valuable and 2) if you aren't trying to take advantage of the TIG by
profiting from it without contributing to its costs.

By extrapolation, and as I mentioned at the time, your information,
Brett, can be shared with everyone if you send it to me, and, after
possibly editing it (with your permission), I will forward it to the
group.  Not much information is 'lost' or 'censored'; just a way of
keeping the list's quality high and the advertising content low.

This is not because I want to read and edit messages, I'm swamped with
work as it is-- it's because this is a way to moderate the obvious
commercial potential of this group.

> I can not help
> that my profession is the introduction of technical products and know-how to
> a niche industry. 

I know, it's a tough one, you feel partially muzzled.

Some more history: we started this thing as a colorists' group.
Engineers started to subscribe and we said "great! now we can get real
answers".  Manufacturers joined, and we said "uh-oh, now we can't
blast the equipment like we used to".   The position taken by the first
manufacturer to subscribe (daVinci), after some consultation, was that
they would mainly listen, and respond to subscribers *privately* when
problems or questions about their products came up.  This seems to
have worked well for them.  As time went on they decided to make
occasional product announcements and always cleared them through me; I
sometimes edited and sometimes passed verbatim these posts.  Having
the messages pass through me contributed a feeling of advertising

I suppose we are now reviewing this policy.  I'm willing to consider a
change if warranted.  

The question to pose is as carefully considered as is the answer.  Are
the issues:

1) the TIG mailinglist will continue to be relatively free of obvious 
marketing, with moderation performed by the maintainer (me), as it has
	a) there will be a parallel mailinglist, (the Kreines
	   solution) called 'telecine-announce', for the trumpeting of

2) the TIG mailinglist will be thrown open to all posts, marketing included.
Anything goes, no moderation.

...I know for which I'd vote. 


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