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Re: marketing (ad supplement proposal)

On Dec 2, 17:57, Mikael Reichel wrote:
} Subject: Re: marketing

> What I think Rob is trying to do is to purify the information as to avoid
> unqualified replies containing useless salespitches that may cause valuable
> contributors to walk away thus lowering the quality of the forum. 

Exactly right.

It appears there is dissension about how to define this purification..

I'm thinking more about the parallel, alternate mailinglist; it could
be in the form of a weekly 'advertising supplement'.  And I also do
like the idea of the vendor/manufacturers subsidizing the group to the
effect that individual subscribers would not be asked to send
contributions; I'd been hoping this could happen.

Would there be enough subscribers to a periodic advertising supplement
to make it worthwhile for the advertisers?


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