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RE>Re: Marketing (proposal 2)

>2) the TIG mailinglist will be thrown open to all posts, marketing >incl=
>Anything goes, no moderation.

I must admit this sounds interesting.
I hate controls and moderation.
I know it will attract some rubbish but it will be richer in content also=
It will also keep the forum stimulating.
I think it is impossible to talk about our field without comparing produc=
t etc, it is the nature of the industry we are in. "Marketing" by compari=
ng or discussing products is often a lot of the relevant things we need t=
o use this group for.
I personaly don't mind receiving daVinci,Pogle,Cintel,Philips etc junk ma=
il if it keeps the forum buzzing.
Individuals will need to keep in mind however the effect of mail that the=
y post.
Paul "Anarchy in the UK" Grace