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Re: RE>Re: Marketing (proposal 2)

On Dec 3, 11:03, Paul Grace wrote:
} Subject: RE>Re: Marketing (proposal 2)

> >2) the TIG mailinglist will be thrown open to all posts, marketing >incl=
> uded.
> >Anything goes, no moderation.
> I must admit this sounds interesting.
> I hate controls and moderation.
> I know it will attract some rubbish but it will be richer in content also=
> .
> It will also keep the forum stimulating.

There is one caveat I forgot to mention.

If we do throw it wide open, I will first warn and then unsubscribe
any vendor/manufacturer who markets but hasn't contributed $ to help
with my expenses.  It's just not fair that someone makes money via my
largesse while I lose it.


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