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Re: Marketing (proposal I)

Hi Rob:

Feel free to put this on TIG.

I agree that info is necessary, even if it is from MFG, Engineer, or
Colorist.  I fall into 2nd catagory, but have learned much from the
other two!

As many of you will note, I have always responded Privately to mail sent
to the group, for it is my opinion, and I'll share it with others
privately...   And I COULD be wrong (I ain't perfect you know!) 

I feel that announcements from MFGs are fine, but understand your
concern for advertisements and expense costs.  Maybe just allow a short
announcemet of 25 words or less with info on site id that would contain
more info...   This way brief announcements can be made, but all the
flag-waving accompanying them will be done at another location.   Hope
this is a constructive comment, rather than a mudding up of the
waters...  Jan 
(I'd rather be riding my motorcycle -- even in this weather!)