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Tek seminar (L.A.)

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I'm giving a free seminar on a bunch of video issues and all are welcome to 

Date: Tuesday, 17 Dec 1996, 9AM - 5PM,  

Location: Gene Autry Museum, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park, Los 
Angeles CA 90027 
              (213) 667-2000

Register by Friday, 13 Dec 1996 for free (box) lunch.

RSVP to: Diane Morton of Tektronix (714) 789-1315 or diane.j.morton at tek.com

Approximate schedule:

9 AM: Basic operation and set up of the VM700T for manual and automatic 
measurements. (2 hrs)

11 AM: Precision Measurement of analog video signals with digital 
oscilloscopes. (1 Hr)

12 Noon: Free Lunch

1 PM: Serial Digital Video (CCIR 601/D1/SPMTE-259M/EDH) (3 hrs) 
              Installation, Testing and Maintenance   
              Color legality and Gamut 

4PM Color Picture Monitor Alignment with the Tektronix J18 Color Meter (1/2 

4:30PM Questions and other topics as requested.

We get kicked out of the museum promptly at 5 so we'll probably have to 
wrap earlier.

This is your seminar.  Other topics will be considered and this schedule is 
subject to change.  For technical questions or to suggest topics (like MPEG 
and AC-3?) please call Ken Rockwell at (310) CR8-VIDEO or 
kenneth.r.rockwell at tek.com   

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