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Re: marketing

>>    Vendors generally pay handsomely for space at trade shows and attendees
>>CHOOSE to go to these shows to meet with vendors.

>Yep, Rich and if it was for free they would still come...

   The point I was trying to make was that vendors generally are willing to 
pay for the privilege of meeting with qualified potential customers. To 
expect to get that access to a select group of potential customers for 
free, without compensating the individual who has made a unique marketing 
opportunity possible, is unreasonable.
   People who go to trade shows are going with the intention of enduring 
sales pitches in order to learn new information relevant to their careers. 
That is not the same as participating in a mailing list where the stated 
policy is "advertising *only* with permission".
   The concept of "permission" is important here - this group exists thanks 
to the good graces of Mr. L., his efforts and expense. Having seen the 
difference in signal to noise between this group and almost any of the Usenet 
newsgroups I find this a pleasure. While a "controlled" groups such as this 
is not quite in keeping with the "anything goes" atmosphere of the internet 
I think moderation is preferable to seeing this group(mailing list) go the 
way of so many of the Usenet groups which have collapsed under the weight of 
mass postings, spamming, Marketing Opportunities(send this letter to ten 
people who mail you money and get rich quick),etc.
   I hope to see this group continue with the same high quality of 
participation which I have seen for the past several years (time flies <g>!). 
I think Rob has done an excellent job so far and look forward to the future 
of this group.
Rich Torpey