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Re: marketing

At 9:24 PM -0800 12/2/96, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
     On Dec 2, 20:45, Tom McMahon wrote:
     } Subject: Re: marketing
     > How about the inverse where one wishes to discover the approximate
     > quantity and usage of each type of equipment that is out there, who
     > Since my initial queries, which
     > were followed up by telephone calls and deirect Email, I have received
     > ZERO follow up.   Why the silence?
     Everyone must be busy thinking about the marketing thing, or working.

     It would be a bit of work to run a survey of equipment used; I don't
     really have the time right now, would you like to do it?  A good
     approach would be for you to post that you'll run this survey and
     collate/distribute the results to the group.  This would also be more
     efficient than dozens of messages propagated to the 600+ subscribers
     that 'I run Pogle' or 'I run sckdjfl correction'.

So be it.  I agree to collect the information, collate it and then pass it by
you (Rob) as a sanity check before going back out to this list.   I propose
that the results also be considered for publication right on the Web page.

Please send the information to me directly, NOT to this list.  Please try to
keep it concise.   How many active Telecines are out there?  Of what type?
What format(s) are they running?  To what are they attached and what
video or data format does it adhere to?  Where do each of you personally
think the market is going?  (8:4:4?  1920 by 1080? 2K by 1556?)  What is
holding things back?  If you could have one area of the current workflow
methodology improved what would it be?

Send to:

"tlm at delrey.com"  (That's tLm, by the way.)

Or FAX to: 310-822-4975

Wish me luck.....
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