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Re: RE>Re: Marketing (proposal 2)

On Dec 3, 12:49, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: RE>Re: Marketing (proposal 2)

> I think in deference to Rob, a parallel list for announcements is ok --
> almost everyone will read both lists, but Rob's original list will be a nice
> quiet place, sans ads, where loftier discussions can take place (like the

Jeff, thanks for the deference, and I'm going to start the announce
list now, with the following parameters:

...it will initially be in digest mode only, and will be delivered
every 72 hours, or sooner, if a certain size (32k) is reached.

...think of this as a 'supplement', something like the glossy
inclusions I get every Sunday with my Los Angeles Times newspaper.

...the intent is that the telecine-announce mailinglist will be a
forum for equipment announcements, product information (including
pricing), and other commercial use.  Normal mailinglist etiquette will
apply, which means simply that bandwidth should not be unduly wasted
with repetition or garbage.  

...all current telecine mailinglist subscribers will initially be
subscribed to the telecine-announce list.  Those wishing not to
receive the -announce list will simply need to send a message to
'telecine-announce-request at alegria.com' with the Subject:
unsubscribe (or send a message to me personally telling me you're fed
up with the whole thing).

...vendor/manufacturers and facilities who make use of the -announce
list for commercial purposes are expected to contribute a minimum of
$250 annually (see footnote) to the group.  This money will allow the
lofty, erudite, main telecine internet group mailinglist to remain
free of crass commercialism and marketing, and (hopefully) obviate the
need to collect subscription contributions from individuals, though
this has yet to be proved effective (subscriptions still gladly
accepted from anyone).  Classified advertising will be moved to this
new -announce list, and continues as before on the webpage.

...I don't intend to archive the -announce mailinglist at first,
because it's not trivial, but might elect later to archive it,

...a couple of manufacturers have prepaid for participation in the
vm_lowdown program, which was the approved method for distribution of
product information by manufacturers to the group.  I will honor these
previous commitments to this program but, assuming the new -announce
mailinglist succeeds in its mission, the vm_lowdown program will
eventually be no more.  

...all this is experimental, and modifiable, though I, the maintainer,
reserve the right to return to a normal life and sleep schedule someday.


footnote: please refer to
'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/info.html#money' for details on the
costs involved in maintaining this server.

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