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Re: Marketing

apologies to those who want to return to discussion of telecine
matters...(Bill Topazio especially) hopefully this thread will die out
soon, it is a growing pain (double entendre intended).

On Dec 4,  2:20, Dick Hobbs wrote:
} Subject: Marketing

> So, can I humbly propose the following:


> If this list sounds familiar, it is (in my words rather than Rob's) the ground
> rules which applied when I joined. As far as I am concerned, it ain't broke, so
> attempts to fix it are premature.

Dick, your list humbly proposed is on target, it is in line with my
thinking, and applies to the regular telecine mailinglist.  

I am still going ahead with the telecine-announce more 'commercial'
list because it appears there needs to be an 'approved' way for
vendor/manufacturers to trumpet a product.  

Should be ready sometime this week.


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