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Re: RE>Re: Comments to Steve B.

Sorry to go off the marketing side off things and back to this one.  I
agree with Paul re grain reduction inside the TK but....., followed by
Aperture Correction.  

I am running an Arcas...  We aren't talking frame delays here, I
sometimes have to get my calendar out to measure touch and see or push
and stop....  Thus I use the RSQ downstream for more immediate results! 
I am just very careful with aperture correction before getting into
heavy effects work.

I have now sorted out my DVNR problem, apparently my 4x4 doesn't auto
detect!  I am also sending my CSR back for repair, the rest works well
now.  Thanks to all for the private e-mails, extremely helpful.


Ken Robinson
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Sao Paulo, Brasil
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Yield to temptation....it may not pass your way again.
     -- Lazarus Long