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Where is Charlie Morganti ?

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all
who have sent me numerous emails asking where I have gone.

No I haven't expired but rather I have been put out to pasture.  All kidding
aside, I was injured a little over a year ago and after consultations with
numerous specialists it was determined that there is nothing I can do
with my condition.   It is not a life threatening situation but the condition
has placed restrictions on me with regards to extensive travel.  Those of
you who know me know, that I spent the better part of my life on
airplanes.  The doctors have limited me to two hour flights a maximum of
twice a week.

This unfortunately does not fit within the job requirements that my
position with Philips demanded, so I am now on leave of absence and
will formally part company with Philips in May.

I want to express my sincere thanks to all who I have come to know
over these many years.  Owners, Engineers, Colorists etc. all of you
have made the world of film to tape a real challange and a great deal of
fun.  I never`left a facility without learning something.  You were all great

Am I through with Film-to-Tape ?  I guess the industry will decide that.
Who Knows ? maybe I'll open a placement service, I sure helped alot of
engineers and colorists over`the years.   Maybe its time I got paid for it.

The above email address is valid for now but may terminate so if anyone
wants to contact me I have a Compuserve # 76055,2622 which can be
used also.

Best Regards to All,

Charlie Morganti