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Re: Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

In a message dated 12/7/96 9:09:30 AM, you wrote:

>lease send me
>your vital statistics at your earliest convenience.  If the
>respective manufacturers want to chime in it would help validate
>the results.

What is the purpose of the survey?  You are asking people to spend some time
putting together information for a purpose that isn't clear.  Is it just
market research?  If so, I have a feeling you aren't going to get too high a
response ratio.  Kind of like those little postcards that come with products
-- the card makes you think it's warranty registration but isn't, and all it
asks about is your age and income level and the magazines you read...  and
then requires you to add a stamp to it so you can pay for being part of a
survey! The gall!

If you were to give people here some reason to reply (like the Philips note
we are waiting for,  reading: "If we get enough interest, we'll be able to
sell Spirit Datacines for $200K each") you might get some responses.  But to
ask people to do legwork without a good reason is unlikely to get you much


Jeff Kreines