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Without receiving much support from the manufacturers we've managed to 
develop a variety of approaches to flex file management and generation 
none of which I'm completely pleased with.  I'm curious how other 
colorists and facilities that do volume dailies work approach the 
creation of and multiplatform compatibility of these files.  If any one 
has found an available software/hardware package and approach that they 
are happy with I'd be very curious about this.  Replying to me directly 
or throwing it out to be devoured by the group would be appreciated.  
We're equiped with Bosch Quadras, Evertz 4025 / 5150, Evertz Keylogger 
software and a Beta series ASTEC.  Take the data entry away from the 
humans and automate!! Somewhere within this combination, ease of even 
the most demanding specs should be reached it would seem.
If anyones thinking that recommending a product is marketing than 
respond to me directly.
Thanks and remember to blink when your shift is over.