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Re: flex-files

>We're equiped with Bosch Quadras, Evertz 4025 / 5150, Evertz Keylogger 
>software and a Beta series ASTEC.  Take the data entry away from the 
>humans and automate!!

The groundswell in support of the Aaton reflects a well reasoned 
reluctance to deal with the "FTD (Film Transfer Data) Animal".  With the 
origin of realtime data collection (Video time code, Audio time code, & 
Keykode) there emerged two main proponents of collecting & managing the 
full gamut FTD during transfer.  The two approaches, by TLC & Adelaide 
Works are to be applauded for their enormous effort, but alas their 
"cover every base" approach which required a very wide-eyed approach 
(operator error was too easy, and too frequent), was often simply to much 
to deal with in addition to color correction.  It was not unusual to hear 
comments like "color correction almost became a secondary concern!".

Inevitably there came along the more automated, and seemingly more 
reliable, Aaton system.  It presents far less of a FTD package than the 
two earlier mentioned systems, and thus is less daunting, simpler, and 
easier to keep an eye on.

The grand irony, is that the original purpose of automated FTD collection 
systems (to efficiently & accurately collect FTD, relying less upon the 
time and effort of an editorial assistant) is rarely met.  In fairness, 
in a well controlled loop (a tight relationship between the film transfer 
& editorial staff) the fully used FTD systems are hard to match.  But, 
sadly, the usual case is a lack of confidence of the quality of the data 
and it once again falls upon the shoulders of an editorial assistant to 
make sure everything is as expected.

So the Aaton is the current favorite, and it appears that it will remain 
so for some time, unless Gary Adams at daVinci (who now sells the TLC 
system) comes up with an extrordinary upgrade for the TLC's Dailies Mode. 
 The Aaton's simplicity is welcome, but its' interface is still a bit 
"klugey" (SP?).  Can anybody redesign the interace to work on a PowerPC 

Tim Bond

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