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Re: flex-files

>  The Aaton's simplicity is welcome, but its' interface is still a bit 
>  "klugey" (SP?).  Can anybody redesign the interface to work on a 
>  PowerPC Mac?
>  Tim Bond

Hello Tim,
I digged into the TIG archives and found a mail you wrote 30/08/96:

>  In a stunning stroke of their continued thoughtlessness, certain 
>  officers of (..) showed up in the Color Correction Department today 
>  (large hired goons at the head of the phalanx) and escorted the 
>  remaining employees of (..) out the door.

[(..) are mine].  I hope your 'klugey' feelings didn't grow-up from 
the long exposure you had to the primitive AatonCode reader (A.D.1986)
which was still in use in the dead facility you had to regretfully 
leave...  Where are you working now, are you exposed to Keylink 
V.5.2 or V.6.0? 

V.6.0 is I think a move in the right direction but it is still 
hindered by the skinny graphic library of its 16 bit MS-DOS.
The next Keylink software release -- 6.01, due by this year end -- 
has been carried into the 32 bit world for power demanding options*, 
like GreyFinder and Seek&Sync, to run within the wide established base 
of our clients' 486 and Pentium.  
As a side effect this upgrade opens access to much more elaborate 
graphic libraries: do not hesitate to ask us the interface you are 
dreaming about, now we can build it.

* A real time machine like Keylink would not fly within the heavy layers 
of say, Windows NT or Mac-OS (even with a 250Mhz 604e PowerPC!).

Now tell me, what does klugey exactly mean??  (in French, please).


Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com