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Re: Aaton Keylink

At 11:18 AM -0700 12/10/96, Tim Bond wrote:
     >>  The Aaton's simplicity is welcome, but its' interface is still a bit
     >>  "klugey" (SP?).  Can anybody redesign the interface to work on a
     >>  PowerPC Mac?
     >PowerPC Mac Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Please !!!!!!    
     Despite our fondest desires, JP makes a good point in a reply to me.  
     Read on:
     >* A real time machine like Keylink would not fly within the heavy layers 
     >of say, Windows NT or Mac-OS (even with a 250Mhz 604e PowerPC!).

Shouldn't it be possible to have an attached single board PCI bus computer
handling the real time events in a small separate OS kernel but still have
the luxury of the Mac or NT GUI?
     Tim Bond
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