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Re: flex-files

Tim Bond wrote:
  The Aaton's simplicity is welcome, but its' interface is still a bit
> "klugey" (SP?).  Can anybody redesign the interace to work on a PowerPC
> Mac?
> Tim Bond
Well, since you ask,
I have written a program for Macintosh that we have running here at
Magno Video in three telecine rooms. Essentially, it is a front end to
the TLC (old TLC's, software vers 3.03, 4.12 and 4.16). I wrote an
emulator for the Televideo terminals using the data provided in the
Televideo manuals (and Gary Adam's kind advice). This produces a window
on the Mac that mirrors the Televideo. Other windows display multiple
lists of logged events. There are routines for exporting Avid ALE files
of various flavors, Lightworks ODB files, Flex files, and DBF files. You
can store and restore back to the TLC split edits, dissolve and wipe
transitions and delays. You can also do hot key entry and even import
client's data files for auto entry ala Unitel's software.

I won't go on lest this be considered marketing (I haven't done any so
far) but if you are interested please reply by email.

Martin Zeichner
Magno Sound and Video