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Re: Monitor sizings, 27.3,

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At Manhattan Transfer we have been setting monitor overscan to 5% for several
years as recommended by both SMPTE and Joe Kane.  Measurements of commercially
available consumer television sets shows them to be set for a wide range of
overscan sizes but the tendency is for less overscan than in the past.  5% is
halfway between Safe Action and Video Blanking.  The old Safe Action and Safe
Area designations are leftovers from the early 1950's when the viewing public
were asked to sketch how much of a test chart was actually visible on their tv
screens at home.  These test charts were broadcast late at night in certain
key cities (New York for one) and postcards with the test chart printed on it
were distributed to the public.  The participants were asked to mark on the
chart the outer visible edge of the chart for top, bottom, left, right and all
4 corners then mail them in for compilation.  That data was then used to
create our present SMPTE Safe areas.  As this data is over 40 years old, it no
longer makes much sense to still abide by it as if it were gospel.  5% makes a
whole lot more sense for congruence with actual conditions in people's homes.
Dave Corbitt
Date: 12/11/96 8:44 AM
To: Dave Corbitt
From: optimus3 at ix.netcom.com
Subject: Monitor sizings,  27.3,  poor power supply regulation, etc....

I attended a local SMPTE meeting last night where monitor sizings were
discussed at length.......deletia......