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Re: Monitor sizings, 27.3, poor power supply regulation, etc....

optimus3 at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> I attended a local SMPTE meeting last night where monitor sizings were
> discussed at length.
> It was determined that setting SAFE ACTION to the edge of the visable
> screen results in a 10% overscan, and SMPTE wants 5% overscan. Sony
> was stating that the evergreen monitors cannot do 10% overscan without
> power regulation and spot size/geometry degradation if scans are
> increased (with a Sony mod that they do not recommend using) to 10%
> overscan.
> A 5% scan increase overloads power supply???
> Some people at meeting had called around tHe country and found that most
> everyone is setting monitor sizes based upon 10% overscan == SAFE ACTION
> to edge of visable screen.
> I kept sounding like a call in the distance:  "Then how do you set
> monitor sizes???" ........
> So, without starting too much of an arguement, and with the known fact
> that some monitors cannot do a 10% overscan:
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I have been here in Minneapolis for about 10 months now, and when I arrived here I realized that this post 
facility was also using a 10% overscan sizing. To me, being at several post houses in the past, this was a very 
new thing. I had never seen this practice used. My first reaction was that overscan on main program monitors 
should not be used in the first place. When the monitor is in underscan it allows the operator to see the 
blanking intervals of the picture insuring that there is no problem in these areas. If you are to use the 
overscan feature of the monitor, 10% overscan does not accurately represent the average scan of your home 
television, which 5% will do. Sony monitors, as well as most other manufacturers, are factory aligned for no 
more than 5% overscan. I would suggest not altering this adjustment at all. Both SMPTE and Sony have set these 
limits of overscan sizing for very good reason. 

Steven Flippin
Chief Engineer
Crash & Sue's Film and Video post
Minneapolis, MN