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Re: Aaton Keylink

<<  have been batiling with keylink all day, the room delay went to zero, and
 It will not change, I make a new config and set it, but it still sets it
 self to zero. Is something broken [ ... ]>>

We've been experiencing the same thing with two of the most recent releases
of Keylink software (5.21 and 6.0).  It seems as though you can set the room
delay, and everything appears to work properly until you exit.  The setting
isn't saved on exiting, so when you (or the next colorist) starts the next
job, the room delay is back to zero again.  We don't make new configs each
time, just correct the existing ones.

This problem has nothing to do with the platform or O/S.   Personally, I hope
Aaton sticks with the good old PC.  Today I pensioned off a 1985-vintage AT
compatible with 640 K of memory which was used for a subtitling system.  Its
old-fashioned MFM-style 20 MB hard drive finally pooted.  The replacement
computer could have been any DOS-running PC with ISA slots in it; we just
happened to have a 386 that's about six years newer sitting around so we used

Under some pieces of that decade-old AT is a memo from a well-known maker of
nonlinear edit systems.  It says is there will be no more software upgrades
for Apple Quadra-based systems that are only a few years old; only one more
software upgrade for Nuvista-type PowerMac systems that are just a year or
two old; and no hardware support for either platform after 2000.  For this
month only, they are offering a special break for upgrading to PCI-bus
systems.  My guess is they made this offer for December because they figure
PCI will be outdated by January!

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video