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Re: Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

At 3:32 PM -0700 12/7/96, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
     In a message dated 12/7/96 9:09:30 AM, you wrote:
     >Please send me your vital statistics at your earliest convenience.  If the
     >respective manufacturers want to chime in it would help validate
     >the results.
     What is the purpose of the survey?  You are asking people to spend some time
     putting together information for a purpose that isn't clear.  Is it just
     market research? ...

     Jeff Kreines

The information will be collated and fed back for the benefit of
all subscribers to this list.  Whether that happens via a pointer
to the Web page or a massive distribution on the main list is Rob's

Personal comments about any particular vendor will be deleted.  Try
to be objective.   Comments on technological or market trends will
be noted but with the originator's name left out.

This information will be used by all of us to better understand this
part of the business and to get a handle on where it is about to go
(especially now with DTV, HDTV, DVD, non-VideoCine and all of the
other new digital venues for content that are going to cause a big
"pull" on the need for acquisition of image data off of film).   If
people are planning major equipment purchases they had better
understand these trends thoroughly; the same thing goes for anyone
comtemplating being a vendor; the same thing goes for anyone
contemplating their career as an operator.

Rather than try to impose any stylistic constraints on the responses
I am assuming the grundge work of trying to flatten the data into
meaningful categories.  So: there isn't any bigno card to fill out.
(What I am getting is coming in all forms anyway.)  So send me
whatever you can which outlines what your telecine and color correction
operations are all about today and where you think things are going
in the next couple of years.