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Re[2]: Monitor sizings, 27.3,

     Reply to monitor settings
     I have read some of the correspondance on the subject of overscan and=20
     find it difficult to understand why, in a professional environment,=20
     one should want to do it at all. Here at Channel Four we are able to=20
     underscan the main monitor and superimpose a graticule showing, for=20
     example, safe area. This way you can see all of the picture that is=20
     actually available together with what you think the final viewer might=
     see as defined by a graticule.

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Subject: Re: Monitor sizings,  27.3,=20
Author:  PC :dc at mte.com at INTERNET
Date:    11/12/96 13:28

        Reply to:   RE>Monitor sizings,  27.3,  poor power supply
At Manhattan Transfer we have been setting monitor overscan to 5% for sever=
years as recommended by both SMPTE and Joe Kane.  Measurements of commercia=
available consumer television sets shows them to be set for a wide range of=
overscan sizes but the tendency is for less overscan than in the past.  5%=20=
halfway between Safe Action and Video Blanking.  The old Safe Action and Sa=
Area designations are leftovers from the early 1950's when the viewing publ=
were asked to sketch how much of a test chart was actually visible on their=
screens at home.  These test charts were broadcast late at night in certain=
key cities (New York for one) and postcards with the test chart printed on=20=
were distributed to the public.  The participants were asked to mark on the=
chart the outer visible edge of the chart for top, bottom, left, right and=20=
4 corners then mail them in for compilation.  That data was then used to=20
create our present SMPTE Safe areas.  As this data is over 40 years old, it=
longer makes much sense to still abide by it as if it were gospel.  5% make=
s a=20
whole lot more sense for congruence with actual conditions in people's home=
Dave Corbitt
Date: 12/11/96 8:44 AM
To: Dave Corbitt
From: optimus3 at ix.netcom.com
Subject: Monitor sizings,  27.3,  poor power supply regulation, etc....
I attended a local SMPTE meeting last night where monitor sizings were=20
discussed at length.......deletia......
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