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Re: Aaton Keylink

              b P

> So the Aaton is the current favorite, and it appears that it will 
> remain so for some time,     ..deletia...
> The Aaton's simplicity is welcome, but its' interface is still a bit 
> "klugey" (SP?).  Can anybody redesign the interface to work on a 
> PowerPC Mac?

(you are making my English slang teacher work overtime!)

Accused in this way on the TIG, the interface designer
wondered if the problem was using the current software version of the 
system. It turns out that in fact you're working in a facility with 
Keylinks running under the former 5.2 software; the designer now feels
better about things, and me too.  (-_-)

The 6.01 version, soon available, offers many operating 
simplifications and new features, plus improved transfer screens,
but they are still DOS-like... that you dislike. 

By the summer of 97, the 6.02 version will come to you 
with the graphic beauty of a Mac.
No no.... it is impossible to approach the beauty of a Mac!  ;-)


PS for Christopher: we will stay with PCs; 6.02 runs on 486s and up.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com