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Aaton Logging Problems

I have a job with the following specs:  Super 16mm  with 4 to 5 different
camera rolls spliced together to form one lab roll.  I need to make flex
files and identiffy each camera roll with keycode & timecode.  Doesn't seem
that difficult.  The film does not have aatoncode so I am using slate & g
mode.  The way I do this is start the lab roll with zero time code at the
first punch hole for my first edit with the TLC.  Before I do my first edit I
activate the catch keycode mode and catch the correct keykode.  Then roll
back to the punch and use the g key to load my event.  have had no problem
doing that.  however when doing the same proceedure to the following camera
rolls I have found in reviewing the list that the recorded list event
sometimes is 2 to 5 minutes late.  The event reflects the correct timecode &
keycode, so I use the list editor to correct the problem.  Problem is it
takes too much time to fix the list when the list should be correct in the
first place.  
For example on todays transfer I transferred the first 3 rolls then had to
stop for another job.  The list had 3 events.  The first event was correct at
the zero timecode punch hole.  Event number 2 was over 5 minutes late.  Event
number 3 was correct.  
I was hoping to give accurate numbers for the punch but the system is only
giving me "A" frame displays (0 and 5 frame).  
I thought by using this method in Slate & G mode for flex files, I would be
able to log the punch events and record the timecode number in the list, even
tho the punch frame of camera rolls later in the lab roll were not "A"
I could deal with not giving them the punch hole timecode and keycode number
if it wasn't an "A" frame at the punch, but what I can't give them the event
2 to 5 minutes after the punch.
On a job yesterday every event was late.  The original punch hole for zero
hour timecode was over 2 minutes late.  A few other events were over 9
minutes late.
Has anybody else out there experienced this or am I doing something wrong?

Help Mr. Wizard, Help!!!

Bob Sliga
Henninger Baltimore