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FW: MAC OS / Aaton

>Bill Topazio wrote:
>>I saw the response to timbo's Mac statement about how the
>>NT or MAC OS would not be able to handle realtime processes
>>required by Keylink, etc.  My question is:
>>1. Is that true?  I mean, the KK stuff basically handles things
>>"only" on frame basis, right?  And isn't that a relatively
>>long interval for today's computers (hdwr and OS) even if a
>>moderate amount of calculation needs doing?
>>2. We are talking about the GUI, not the processing.  It would
>>seem that many realtime tasks need to be performed in special
>>hardware anyway, even under DOS, so again, doesn't that help?
>I agree with Bill about the real time processing.  The Evertz approach
>has always been to keep the processing in dedicated hardware.
>Phil Mendelson wrote:
>>The engines running underneath both NT and Win95, IMHO are more than up to
>> the task at hand, assuming the hardware has the appropriate speed.  Both
>> systems have the advantage of multi-threading capabilities which should
>> override any potential problem of the GUI not keeping up.
>I agree with Phil, Windows can do the job especially in the Evertz
>architecture which uses dedicated hardware to read KeyKode and to
>interface to the telecine.  
>When Evertz committed to developing a Graphical User Interface for
>integrating the operation of our film post production hardware and data
>logging, Windows 95 was our first choice for an operating system.  Win
>95 has the tools to design a beautiful interface and control our
>hardware which is doing the realtime processing. After all, that's what
>it was designed for in the first place. For further  information about
>our new GUI, contact Evertz directly by email.
>Alan Lambshead
>V.P., Director of Engineering
>Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
>Burlington, Ontario
>alan at evertz.com